DTTI // Virtual Shipyard 2019

What To Expect

Project Filming Duration

Half day (9am - 1pm / 1pm - 5pm approximately) at your premises (depending on number of interviewees)


  • Interview

  • Cutaways - extra ‘in-action’ footage


We will first conduct an interview. For this we would ideally like to have a dedicated space with a reasonable amount of room so we can setup our equipment and blur out the background. This could be in a warehouse, office, or showroom floor. We will need this area to be relatively quiet for the duration of the interview. Upon arrival, we normally spend a few minutes walking around to see what areas are available and can suggest the best location from that.

Setup will take around 15min, and 30-45min per person for the interview.


After the interview we’ll need around 20min to pack down and prepare for cutaways. We then will film all relevant aspects of the business to use as overlay for your video. It would be great if any interesting areas of work could be prepared, and staff notified, so we can jump from one spot to the next and film. 

Please allow 1-1.5hrs for this.


Please see below a couple examples of finished videos, which give you an idea of the tone and style. 



Entech Electronics